Lu Hmong Lumbar 14×30

Originally a skirt panel, this type of Vietnamese textile is still in production by the Lu tribe. These fabrics typically feature varying panels of an ornate rhombic silk brocade, a purple/red/maroon ground with multi-colored pinstripes, vintage ribbon appliqués, and indigo batik patterns.

Everything is handwoven, hand embroidered, and hand-dyed. Even the dye for the batik patterns are made from indigo plants cultivated nearby the tribe’s homes. We added some black goat hair because why not? Might as well have your pillow become your pet. Features a blue and white textured linen back.


Zipper closure. Dry clean only
Feather/Down Insert included

As it becomes harder to source authentic, quality vintage textiles directly from the communities that created them, we are eager to support contemporary artisans who practice, thereby prevent, traditional hand weaving from becoming a dying art. Because this is a handwoven product, slight variations in design may occur.

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