The Bangla Word for Spider — Nature’s Weaver


Makrosha celebrates civilization’s oldest art form: textiles. We employ an eclectic design aesthetic to create unique, contemporary furnishings, reverently crafted by hand and made from extraordinary materials. With historical perspective and global roots, we strive to educate and delight through our designs. Spirited and seductive, our products create sanctuaries of soft and cozy with a side of quirk.

Esha // Born in Bangladesh, raised in Queens. She developed a love for fabrics and patterns at a young age while invading her mother’s sari collection and secretly transforming them into Grecian chitons. Frequent trips as a kid to the Met’s Costume Institute and Renaissance tapestry collections ignited her curiosity in exploring the relationship between textiles and their impact on the world.

Her background working with brilliant designers, major museum collections, and master weavers, has nurtured the Makrosha aesthetic. By earning her graduate degree in Fashion and Textile History at FIT, she has garnered a deep knowledge of this craft and appreciates its global, historical, and social significance. She is ever-inspired by food art and elegant ladies who ride the bus.

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